Tampa Tribune Endorses James Grant for State Representative

I am humbled to receive the endorsement of the Tampa Tribune. From the Tribune:

Lawyer James Grant brings eloquent enthusiasm and the potential for leadership reminiscent of another young Republican politician, Adam Putnam.

The most impressive candidate is James Grant. Although he will be only 28 on Election Day, Grant has wasted no time learning about state issues. No doubt his father, former legislator John Grant, has been a mentor.

The younger Grant promises he will “break from party to do what I believe is right.”

On the controversial issue of Senate Bill 6, which Gov. Charlie Crist vetoed, James Grant says he agrees with the concept of merit pay but thinks the bill gave too much weight to test scores.

An outdoorsman with the endorsement of the NRA, Grant has firm ideas about how to deal with many of the problems facing Florida, including the need to build an economy with less dependence on population growth. But he is one of the few candidates to emphasize flexibility, saying, “I’m going to listen.”

Grant advocates a waiting period before passing a state budget, to give the public a chance to see it and make comments.

Because he would immediately strengthen the Tampa area delegation while providing solid representation for the district, the Tribune recommends James Grant in District 47.