Rich Reidy Endorses James Grant

This week, our campaign received a significant endorsement from my friend and former opponent, Rich Reidy. Having the endorsement of a former opponent is certainly big, but when it’s an opponent who ran a campaign as strongly as Rich did, it becomes much more significant. I am humbled to have the endorsement of such a committed public servant and strong conservative.

Speaking about his endorsement, Reidy said, “I believe that District 47 will be well-served by James Grant. He is bright, educated and eager to serve. I think he’ll be an able guardian of the taxpayer dollar and the tenets of less government and less spending. At the same time, he’ll bring new and fresh ideas to Tallahassee.”

Again, I want to thank Rich for his endorsement and for his candidacy. Our campaign is looking forward to the support of Rich and his team as we continue to spread the message of limited government, job creation, and protecting individual liberties.