Grant Wins 70% of Hillsborough GOP Straw Poll Vote

Three days after being the first and only campaign in the District 47 State House race to qualify by petition, our campaign has overwhelmingly won the Hillsborough County Republican Party straw poll. In a five-way race for the Republican nomination, we received more than five times the votes received by any one candidate in the race and more than twice the number of votes received by all other Republicans in the race.  Thanks to the hard work of our extraordinary team, we were able to win 70% of the straw poll vote.

From the beginning, this campaign has been committed to getting the message of limited, responsible, and accountable government to the voters of this district and working every day to build momentum. Whether it has been qualifying by petition or the results of the straw poll, the momentum that is continually building for this campaign is a testament to our organization and the hundreds of people working everyday to make sure this campaign is successful in August and again in November.